12 Un-Offical Rules of Craps Etiquette

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The 12 Un-Official Rules of Craps Etiquette video discuses some basic and not so basic things to do or not do at a Craps Table. Playing Craps can be intimidating, especially for those who are just learning how to play Craps. We have received some requests from people wanting a video that explains some basic things that aren’t typically discussed in learn to play Craps videos. We hope you enjoy the video.

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12 Un-Offical Rules of Craps Etiquette

7 thoughts on “12 Un-Offical Rules of Craps Etiquette

  1. Haha, hands up MF’rs! So true! Also love that you stress giving shooter a clean landing zone.

  2. Should be required viewing for all players! I also like the public service announcement at the beginning.

  3. Hands down is east coast
    West coast not so much. But on west coast odds are stacked to high and the dealer won't be concerned and clean it up like on east coast.

  4. hahaha… "… If you are Rude Enough to do so, Don't be a Complete JackAss…"!!!! hahahaha Awesome!!!

  5. Probably the biggest thing you run into at a craps table in small casino's Smokers… IT JUST bad !!!!!!!!

  6. Is there a way to make every player at every table in every casino in every city watch this video? Thank you for putting this together!

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