$25 Table Craps Strategy – The 3Point Blender – Great strategy to try to win at craps!

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3 point blender by 36 Full Press – https://youtu.be/HMKpW9n__2U

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$25 Table Craps Strategy – The 3Point Blender – Great strategy to try to win at craps!

10 thoughts on “$25 Table Craps Strategy – The 3Point Blender – Great strategy to try to win at craps!

  1. on the first roll when the point was 8 you should have placed $30 on it right away and you would have made money and not lost 30……. ?? seems to me you are leaving yourself exposed early in the roll when it doesn't need to be, by covering the point established right away? thoughts?

  2. I tried this bet in practice today using my best tossing set. 74 rolls with only 4 7s tossed. Had turns shooting of 5 rolls, 6 rolls, 12 rolls, 16 rolls and 35 rolls. Ended up making only $63. It is amazing how many times you'll toss a losing 11 trying to get a don't bet up, or pick off one of your bets that is still exposed. They gloss over what makes it hard to win much money with a bet like this, leaving you to think it just might work.

  3. I always loved small risks with this game. I go to the casino to PLAY craps, not to make money and pay my rent. Thanks for this video.

  4. Horrible system, you are risking big ( with house advantage) in order to win a small amount after you get points. watched a guy next to me in Shreveport loose his ass on this in less than an hour.

  5. One should save the extra $5 when the 4, 5, 9, and 10 are rolled and only place $25.

    You still win if the place bet hits BUT if you are at a smaller limit table you could place the $5 difference on another number OR use it as a hedge against the YO.

  6. good strategy but how come you dont cover a $1 hardway on the points if they are the 4, or 10? you do have 50% chance to win if that hits..

  7. Love it!

    Whats your opinion on staggering your bets 6:5 so that you still win money on the 7 out

    I.e.: run the system with a $6 don’t and a $5 place bet ($6 on the 6/8)

    This way 4/10 hit is a $3 profit
    5/9 hit is a $1 profit
    6/8 is a $1 profit

    And 7 out is a $3 profit (on 3 places #’s)

    Obviously you can raise he denomination based on bank roll

  8. Can u try
    After come out $78 on 6 &8
    Hop the 4/1 &2/3 for 5 each
    $10 on the field
    When the 5 or 6 or 8 hit go to 66 inside
    If any other number hits hop the 5’s with field

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