AWESOME Craps betting strategy that will earn you more tier points on your players card!!

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Learn how to play E craps casino games with this awesome and different betting strategy. Complete tutorials as well as live proof.
This video is a tutorial on how to rack up tier points on your player card without spending thousands of dollars. I’ve used this myself and it does work. The more you bet the quicker you rank up. But if you have a small bank roll this is perfect for you to play and still rack up those players club points without breaking the bank. Try it and PLEASE SHARE SHARE!!!👍

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AWESOME Craps betting strategy that will earn you more tier points on your players card!!

8 thoughts on “AWESOME Craps betting strategy that will earn you more tier points on your players card!!

  1. Dustin, I think you have it wrong. You don't get credits from betting. You get credits for money in. An example would be: you put in $60. You get credit for $60 IF you lose all of it. You don't get credits by putting in $60 and playing hedge bets that look like your playing throug hundreds of dollars.You only get credit for money you have played through. You could have gone on a run at the bubble and won $300. on your $60 buy in. That's all the credit you get $60. Casino not gonna give you credits on their money you've been playing on

  2. Heading to Vegas next month and will definitely try this on the e-games to boost my points. Will also use this on random shooters while waiting for my turn to roll on the live tables. Thanks for the info and good luck at the casinos.

  3. Do you know how much you would have to play to get a tier point at Planet Hollywood in Vegas. I'm going in November

  4. Hey Dustin, question for you. I saw this method when you were on Arch Stantons channel (love both channels btw). So I actually just moved to Vegas a week ago and today thought lets give this a try. Works great in terms of pretty low risk, even after hitting 7 three times in a row on the come out roll, i rallied back and ended up cashing out $75 on my initial $50 deposit after about 45 mins. The question is – I was playing at the Rio to rack up Total Rewards credits. They only pay 1 tier credit for every $200 bet. I basically got 2. That's a long long slow grind to get tier credits. Do you know of any of the Total Rewards properties that happen to give you more points per dollar on craps? I was playing the bubble one thats a circle set up with 8 seats I believe.

  5. Fairly new to craps but been studying it pretty hard so that when I go I have the best chance of winning, breaking even, or losing less than all the money I came with. I realize that the odds are all in the house's favor and you will most likely lose in the long run. I'm looking to play for fun but want to be smart as it is fun to win also. It seems that with this strategy you will most likely lose in the long run as you lose on the come out roll on 7 and 11 and win on the come out on 2 and 3. The problem seems to be that the likelihood of of rolling a a seven is so much higher that rolling a 2 or 3 and it will come up way more losing your initial no pass bet. I realize that you will win a portion of the time on the place and buy bets but that would be a smaller number compared to the losses on the no pass line. Like everything else with craps you would need some luck to break even or win considering the house edge. Hopefully, if you use it the pit boss with notice time of play and give you comps. If you tip them well you will most likely get some.

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