Betting For The Craps Dealer

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Should you bet for the dealer? If so, when and how? It IS a good idea to bet for the dealers but do you know why? Do you know what booties are? Find out everything about dealer betting on this video!

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Betting For The Craps Dealer

10 thoughts on “Betting For The Craps Dealer

  1. Great video and cool table. As a former Vegas dice dealer thanks for posting this video and tips is how dealers make their living. I think I dealt dice to you before.

  2. I started using dice control with the combination of dealer bets. They love it and don't hassle me for taking time to dice set. Good video

  3. Like he said, I only tip when I'm shooting. I don't see it as my responsibility to tip while someone else is shooting. That said, I just got back from Mississippi and your tip suggestions worked real good. I use to bet the dealers the hard ways, but this time I was giving them shoes, and the response, and the treatment I got was great! Anything I asked for they were more than happy to accommodate me along with a yes sir, thank you sir every time. And I noticed I was the only one they were talking to like that. If I forgot something, they made sure to remind me. It didn't hurt either that I hit about eight points in a row. 🙂 I heard one dealer say under his breath when I came back the next day, here comes our George. LOL You want to make life simple for yourself at the craps table? Tip the dealers!

  4. There's an old saying in the service industry. "The wages may pay the rent, but they won't buy the car." It also makes it harder to call that "leaner" a 7 out.

  5. I always put a few bets out for the boys. What I've learned is most of the boys would take the tip into the pot instead of on the table. So now I just tip straight out after a few good rolls and when I leave the table. Win or lose I always bet. I get a nice welcome back next time I'm at the table. It also doesn't hurt to get the boys on your side a bit. I've had some help me double my winnings.

  6. The dealers at the casino that I play at prefers the direct tokes instead of of the hard-way bets or any other bets. So, that's exactly what I do!

  7. Sorry, but I disagree when you said not to toke the dealer after the game. If I was a dealer I would rather have the toke directly rather than having the chance of losing it, and they would get ZERO–ZILCH! But, that's just me and that's how I toke. Each to his own, of course. But, don't say you Don't recommend it. That is irresponsible of you. Don't you think? Just m thought process. 😉

  8. Very well done. I deal craps for a living, and I can confirm it's a minimum wage job. Dealers work for tips, and in general craps players do not tip very well. So a surefire way to get a ton of love from craps dealers is to put them up on the Pass Line, or giving $4 so they can play the hardways.

    When I play craps, I bet for the dealers every roll. If I feel like throwing money away in the center, I might bet a two-way 12, or two-way Yo. And whenever I bet the hardways for the dealers, I always request "player control," meaning you can parlay (or press) their bet once it comes in. Most dealers like player control, but on the whole dealers just appreciate any type of toke, anytime.

  9. Hardways is a sucker's bet. Toke only on the Pass/Odds line and give some toke at the end.

  10. About 75% of the employees working on the casino floor do not make much more than minimum wage. They depend on the gratuity. Slot attendants, dealers, cocktail servers and the cashiers. Tipping is not mandatory but it is GREATLY APPRECIATED !

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