BUBBLE CRAPS FUN!!! – $200 CHALLENGE! 41 – Live Casino Craps

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See if I can take $200 and turn it into a profit! Great series to watch if you are a casual gambler or like to play lower level sessions.

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BUBBLE CRAPS FUN!!! – $200 CHALLENGE! 41 –  Live Casino Craps

10 thoughts on “BUBBLE CRAPS FUN!!! – $200 CHALLENGE! 41 – Live Casino Craps

  1. Loving these videos. Just watch all of your "extreme pobability" challenge videos. Going to Vegas in 4 days. Hopefully they have these $1 minimum machines somewhere on the strip? Question when you lay the inside numbers for the come out roll… why wouldn't you just lay the 4 or 10 since they have the least probability of hitting? I've been practicing my own twist to the strategy where I collect 3 wins before regressing. Seems to work decent for me after running through 10 sessions of 10 shooters.

  2. Instead of laying on the come out why don’t you just buy or place one number? I know the odds say that a 7 is gonna roll but even when it does you laid $2 to win $1 on the outside. If you buy it you’d get 2X back.

  3. damn thing is rigged, plain and simple, you would never encounter those frequencies at a real table and those who say its not rigged you never catch them playing bubble craps cause they're at the real live table wheres theres no computer chip controlling the throw or reading the results

  4. Always love your vids and I know you stay true to your strategy, but follow the field sometimes , a dollar basically does an iron cross so that you don’t miss on some
    Of the rolls

  5. I have made some very good $$ on bubble craps..I don't think it is rigged..the probabilities are the same and we all know who that favors! I watched a 52 roll not to long ago. I like it because you can get the action way faster than tables

  6. The usual battle with the evil bubble lord, at least you broke even and live to fight again. Been about the same for me lately. Welcome back!

  7. Wow, I wish I knew when a long horn run is about to go. I've watched yos, aces, railcars hit 7 or 8 times in a 20 roll run

  8. In my book of gambling, called "My Book of Gambling", chapter 4 states that breaking even IS winning. Also there is no PRAYING in the casino – which is in my book of gambling which I've titled, "My book of Gambling".

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