6 thoughts on “Craps at Fortune Valley Hotel and Casino

  1. 3:58 Hey! You could win some money everytime playing the Field! Haha! Keep in mind there's 20 ways to lose and only 16 ways to win and it pays even money! LOL! Great marketing strategies…

  2. @ 1:19

    The dealer looks like he's paying the only don't bet on the table, but it looks like everyone is cheering even though they are on the pass line… *scratching my head*

  3. BAHAHAAHA "The field is a great place to start if you're a beginner." That must be why they call em suckerbets.

  4. The shooter keeps lifting the dice up & off the table and blowing on them in the crowd. That’s a big NO NO! Win BIG on the field, huh?? Great for beginners HAAAAAAAAA hahahahaha that’s a good one that is!!

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