Craps Betting Strategy – IRON HOP

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Here is a twist to the Iron Cross for a cold table – I figured I would give it a try. Lets see if I can win with it!

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LET IT ROLL is for Beginners Intermediate or Advanced Players that would like to learn, share or give me some advice. Its a place for all to enjoy each others knowledge and input. I will try to put a craps betting strategy tutorial up as often as possible.

I try to throw with dice control. Before I throw I set my dice or dice setting to try to become a controlled shooter. I will do my best to put live craps or real craps video on my channel when I can get away with it lol. Been asked twice to not record already.

I appreciate and respect all my subscribers and would love to see us all COLOR UP, whether I can help you or you can help me either way that would be awesome!!!

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Craps Betting Strategy – IRON HOP

10 thoughts on “Craps Betting Strategy – IRON HOP

  1. Intriguing title . Yet from simulations a few things become apparent
    1. If you establish a point unless you’re a random your mechanics will probably make you hit it again.
    2. Too much hedging leads to minimal gains. Even a dark side bias in a strategy requires more bankroll outlays for minimal gains.

    In my poor opinion discrete strategy (ie dark side or light side strategy) should be utilised separately for full alignment of shooting with betting.

  2. Another great vid. I would be interested to see this play out if you hop’d the 7’s instead of the 5.

  3. Quick FYI Roll
    You are shorting yourself on the Hop 5… You should get 14… It is 15 minus 1 not minus 2. You don't lose one of the Hop bets

  4. I might try a variation of this only on my rolls today. This is how I will play it:
    $15 Don't Pass… Hop two of the Seven combos on the Come-Out
    Once Point is established place $5 on Five $12 Six and Eight and $5 on the Field
    I think placing the $5 on the Five instead of Hopping it will make more money in the long run since you get paid an extra $2 on all the other numbers
    I like the way you think though!

  5. Just a question. Wouldn't it be easier to just leave your bets as they are and just pay the difference. For example when the field comes in just give yourself $3 and leave the $2 hop bet up. If the 6 or 8 comes just pay yourself $7, etc. It would save yourself a ton of time and you could get more rolls in that way. Keep up the great videos and the out of the box betting strategies. Much appreciated bro!!

  6. Hey man I would be very interested in seeing you roll my 66&UP strategy if you have any questions about leave a comment on the video. Appreciate any input.

  7. You have the best dice throw i have seen on youtube, i will copy that throw tomorow on my table.

  8. Bad strategy.. contrary to what u said about not being a hot table.. look at all the 5/6/8/9/7’s were rolled.. and only 1 10 thrown.. i mocked my betting strategy with ur session and killed it. In my humble opinion u should scrap that one! Jus sayn..

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