Craps Dealer Interview – Vegas Dice Master

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Craps Dealer Interview – Vegas Dice Master with David of CEG Dealer School. This is part 1 of a Craps Dealer Interview where I learn about craps strategies, dealing craps, and craps stories from Vegas.

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Craps Dealer Interview – Vegas Dice Master

10 thoughts on “Craps Dealer Interview – Vegas Dice Master

  1. At the parties that we do here, that is exactly one of the barriers that I want to break with my students/guests, the intimidation of the game. Most people are scared to try it out, by the end of our party, usually 3 hours, the players have a full grasp of what everything does on the craps table. I love teaching to beginners, it is gratifying to see the look on their face when say for instance, "This is a place bet, you can specifically "place" money on additional numbers" and they are like, hmm, ok. Give me the 6 and 8. YES! you are now in the game and have a chance of winning! I emphasis tipping and I show how to do it to my players. At the party I had last night there was only 1 person who had played craps before, the other 14 were brand new. By the end of the night they all knew how to play and we had a blast!!!!! btw, color up, you have a few more subs. I direct anyone who is wanting to know more to your channel and I make them pull out their phones and look you up. win-win!

  2. good to know on the tipping. i love dice, like y'all said, for the social aspect. an old guy once taught me "two ways" to sorta bet twice… one for you, one for the dealer… and I do that on the number bets …wasn't aware that dealer jobs start as min wage. will remember to be a bit more loose with those tips

  3. Higher limits tables are because of greed lol ,plus it's hard to do methods on higher limits for the Common Man

  4. OMG! HATE BUBBLE CRAPS!; no social aspect. Glad you talked about #Tipping. Agree playing w is the best. A win— both fell good a camaraderie & lose… well the same. lol “shave & a haircut “2 Bits”… 25 CENTS 😂

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