Craps Dice Control Part 2: The Eight Physical Elements to Play & Win!

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Dice control in Craps consists of eight physical elements in order to win. The Dominator’s elements from this video will teach you how to pick up the dice and how to grip the dice. This is a three part video series that will teach you how to gain the skills to be in control of your gambling experience!

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Craps Dice Control Part 2: The Eight Physical Elements to Play & Win!

10 thoughts on “Craps Dice Control Part 2: The Eight Physical Elements to Play & Win!

  1. Just want to say thanks for the insights. Just spent 6 days in Vegas with my wife. It was pretty evident to me that I was missing several elements needed to consider my shoots controlled, but on several occasions I managed to find my zone. The best personal roll was at Sam Boyd’s downtown where I range up 40 shots before I seven-out. I made a fair amount but threw 4 1-1 and 4 6-6 along with 5 5-6 and 3 1-2. The guys at the far end were betting big on the field and getting paid for it. With 15 shots at the needs of the dice my payoff wasn’t anywhere near mythical but the shoot still made me money ($5 table 2x odds on pass/come). Several shoots went into the high teens and low 20s making my trip very good.

  2. Thanks for this strategy i rarely go to casinos going to one in two weeks for my holiday gunna give this ago

  3. It's definitely an interesting method, though I have my doubts I could master it, though I'd gladly play at a table with shooter who has. How would this faire with California Craps at casinos like Pechanga? I would imagine that the numbers on the dice not matching the actual numbers called, but rather dictate what numbered cards are chosen, would pose a challenge.

  4. Wow the hard ways set really works!!!! I saw this video yesterday and decided to try it today for the first time in Reno. I did it with the 3s on top and the 5’s facing me. I rolled 34 straight without an out!!!!!! Also hit a lot of hard 8s (4 and 4). Made myself and the table good money. I only hit the 7 when I hit a chip before hitting the wall. I got invited to the long rollers tournament in August. People can say it’s Random but I’m convinced that dice control is a real thing. I hit so many pairs on the dice it was improbable.

    Used the 3 finger grip and made sure my hands were dry before each roll. Sometimes the stick man was getting annoyed at me because I was taking some time setting up the dice. I didn’t care, the table was going nuts.

  5. someday im hoping to walk up to a table in vegas someday and just see Dom standing there rolling bones…would be the best vegas vacation ever!!!

  6. This video is a few years old, but hopefully the GTC channel is still active and answering questions.
    Mine is as follows: Doesn't the padding on the walls of the Craps table counteract any and all dice control? Given its shape and texture, I always thought that even if the dice arrive at the opposite wall with perfect symmetry and equal force applied to them, the wall will cause a disruption to this parity and separate the dice. Once they've hit the wall, the dice will behave erratically.

    I also recall from my Craps sessions that if the dice don't hit the wall, the crew will "remind" the shooter to ensure that the dice do in fact hit the wall in subsequent throws. The wall ensures that the dice's outcome follow strict probability laws (over large enough samples, of course. anything can happen in a given session).

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