CRAPS DICE GAME – Learn basic craps with a few tips

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In this video we explore the game of Craps as conventionally played in most Casinos that host table games. Please like, subscribe, comment and SHARE this.

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VEG’s THREE PRIMARY RULES FOR GAMBLING (including crypto assets):

1.) NEVER EVER, even if you are clever, put more in your betting bank roll than you can easily, happily, and without remorse afford to COMPLETELY LOOSE!! It happens… its part of the risk / reward system.

2.) ALWAYS intend to leave when you are ahead. If you are min betting $5 at a table and are up 20x or by $100 its time to take those profits and go have a sip at the bar, eat some food, take a walk and see some nature. If you have trouble deciding WHEN, then set a goal. When you reach the win-goal, leave the game… at least for a while. Celebrate your WIN!

3.) NEVER EVER, even if you THINK you are clever, let anyone at the Casino or gambling hall know that you know more than they do. Never let ANYONE know you are using a strategy, trick or “exploit” to gain a gaming advantage. No one needs to know… not even the partner you took to Vegas with you! No one… seriously. Just keep quiet and celebrate your winnings with your friends and laugh about it later. But even later… NO TELLING THAT YOU HAVE SECRETS!!! (now re-read all the rules again, maybe 2 more times, especially the last one!!)

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CRAPS DICE GAME – Learn basic craps with a few tips