Craps Dice Setting Technique/ Become the Shooter

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Become the shooter is a progressive approach to dice setting. With specific Craps Dice Setting Technique you can become proficient and confident.
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Craps Dice Setting Technique/ Become the Shooter

8 thoughts on “Craps Dice Setting Technique/ Become the Shooter

  1. Another awesome series to look forward to! Dax, I got my chip today, it is pretty sick, I also got my Craps Nation hoodie today! Like rolling a two on the field bet, double the bubble! I only started seriously trying to become a dice controller about 6 months ago after having many losing sessions, especially betting on random shooters and throwing three or four rolls and sevening out. Yesterday I rolled 30+ rolls back to back in 3 out of 4 rolls. My longest roll ever was 67 (unfortunately in practice) and I have MANY over 20, 30 and even 50. This stuff is real folks. Bone Thrower has it right, The Dice are in YOUR hands! You can control your destiny if you want to. I have to add that even if you have the greatest strategy in the world when everyone point seven outs, or goes three rolls and seven outs, you will lose your bankroll, period unless you walk away. Everyone has stories of the random shooter who rolled for an hour, but I have never seen it, and I bet most people only get to see something like that rarely. So, learn to throw, it is simple but not easy to do, but so worth it in the long run, even if you don't believe it is real, you should try it, it WILL change your game and maybe your life!

  2. Stick right 1 I throw to the dp line and stick right 2 I throw to the 2 in the field. 4/2, 6/2 is my preferred set up. Routine is very important on angle, strength, and speed as well. Great video, good advice!

  3. Question– At 5:30 the shooter had the in line 6 "on top" and the 4&4 as the inside axis numbers. That gives you 4 ways for the seven ( 1/6-6/1-2/5-5/2) the dice went "off axis" for the hard 6. ( 3&3) Why not use a set that only gives you two ways for the 7 and not four ways for the seven??? As you know the set is the glue that holds the set together.

  4. Great video… I used to lean on the rail to brace for my throw… now I brace with my hand on the rail, I feel the change in posture really helped… thanks for the tips! If you get the chance, check out my table I built with my buddy. Boneyard craps

  5. thank you so much for all you do!! You said it all, is not all about having a monster roll,but being consistent with you throw / few wins and get out… The short game is where's at, thank you.

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