10 thoughts on “Craps! Expanded Lay 10 moves and advanced play!

  1. Good video Amigo. Great explanations and commentary. Good to see you back throwing the knuckle ⚾️. I played at the electronic table last night and had a 39 🎲 roll using the knuckle ball set with 12 13. Lots of farming with that set for me.

  2. I do this quite often. However, sometimes I do not work on the come out roll because the 7 can be lucrative.

  3. Can u do a video on this using the California card game. It bad here in California, but thats what we have here, at least till sports betting gets approved. No one ever does videos on California craps. Thks.

  4. Good to see you working the no 4 or 10, its worked well for me a few times also. Keep up the vids. BTW whats with the inshot view it doesn't open up to full screen. Liked the full screen vids much more… thanks for the vids

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