Craps Fire Bet Side Bet

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Craps Fire Bet Side Bet is the latest episode of the color up challenge. I briefly explain the fire bet and our challenger gives it a shot.

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Craps Fire Bet Side Bet

10 thoughts on “Craps Fire Bet Side Bet

  1. Can you do a bonus craps one with me ? All tall and make em small ?

  2. Fire stays on with a come out 7 winner . Only the ATS comes off with a seven winner

  3. I've played the Fire Bet in Windsor, Ontario, Canada and in Vegas. I've only seen the Fire Bet lose on a 7 out, not a 7 on the come out.

  4. Fire bet is an interesting bet, but I recall it not losing on a natural 7 winner; only losing on a 7 out. This would be a major loser, I wouldn't play that. I forget if the original patent for ATS lost on natural 7's, but it did pay more than they do now. Sharpshooter side bet is the best from the point of view of a controlled shooter, making 8 pts is a hot roll (not constant, but often enough); making 5 of 6 for the firebet (with some natural 7's, since I try for them I do better than average) is the best I've done. But, it's a poor subject for a video; too long to see if it happened.

  5. Jerome – the way you were going to do the 25/250/1000 payout is a 20.76% House Edge according to The Wizard of Odds folks

  6. before watching this, I'm guessing that nobody hits the fire bet…since we've all seen how you roll Jeremy lol

  7. Only a 7-out takes down fire bet not a natural (ie shooter is still Hot "on fire") I've seen/heard nowhere any 7 brings down a firebet (unless unique and that place pays very high odds)

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