Craps Hawaii — Advice / Practice $160 XPRESS

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Join me on a Journey through the World of Craps. Enjoy learning the game and becoming a Better & Smarter Player. My Videos will take you from the very Basics of the Game to High Roller Craps Strategies. Whether you are New to the Game as Beginner or a Seasoned Player we can always become Better. There is always more we can do to improve our Game. From Dice Setting & Influencing to Money Management. Learning how to Read the Table and Adjust to a Strategy that will help you Win. Learn the $130 Aloha Special “Staying Alive” System. Become more efficient playing the Short Game. Learn how to Power Press & Depress your Bets. You will find all these and more as you join me on your journey. Lets take your journey to Becoming a Better and Smarter Player through My Craps Hawaii Videos.
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Craps Hawaii — Advice / Practice  $160 XPRESS

10 thoughts on “Craps Hawaii — Advice / Practice $160 XPRESS

  1. Read not greed equals profit. Chase women, not numbers, lol. Last roll you made the all small. Sorry I missed your last series on the 240. As always great explanations on what the options are for the shooter.

  2. Another great Video Mel. I take a take a 200+ win over a loss any day. That’s half your flight cost to Vegas right there. 🤙🏾

  3. Good morning Mel. I am writing to you this early morning from my room at the Silverton. Thanks for your insightful videos. I came here last month as well and stay for a few days and because of my short stays I utilize the 6/8 power press and was successful both trips using it. I start with 66 inside and utilizing the power press I will get my 6/8 up to 720 in no time. Of course you need dice to cooperate as well but I’m a true believer in dice setting and I worked on my mechanics at home and have been getting much better at setting, gripping and releasing.

    In October, I took the silverton for over $7k in one session and yesterday I caught lightning and rolled for an hour at red rock and clocked over $8k there.

    Thanks for your videos! I truly enjoy them and look forward to more.

  4. Nice Video Mel!! Just found your channel a few weeks ago and it is becoming one of my FAVs!!! Great advice and i'm trying to learn the Aloha special & this system you're showing today. Really like how you fad from one to another depending on the roll/table.

  5. Good video been hitting a dry spell myself lately last three trips i didnt make any money Running into horrible tables So taking it slow till the tides turn

  6. You look like the old kung fu movies. Your mouth movement doesn't match the video:) You are a true master!!! Great video!!

  7. Love your videos Mel. I went to Mohegan Sun in Connecticut today and tried out the $160 Express. Bought in for $1500 and left with $2000. played stress free pretty much the whole session (about an hour and half) and also had a few point seven's but recovered quickly after that. I found it really fun once you go to $75 on the 5 and 9 and hit it for $105 and then I regressed to $66 inside. From there i just pressed and collected and really had fun. Look forward to more videos!

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