Craps Hawaii — Learn how to BECOME a TEAM PLAYER

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Join me on a Journey through the World of Craps. Enjoy learning the game and becoming a Better & Smarter Player. My Videos will take you from the very Basics of the Game to High Roller Craps Strategies. Whether you are New to the Game as Beginner or a Seasoned Player we can always become Better. There is always more we can do to improve our Game. From Dice Setting & Influencing to Money Management. Learning how to Read the Table and Adjust to a Strategy that will help you Win. Learn the $130 Aloha Special “Staying Alive” System. Become more efficient playing the Short Game. Learn how to Power Press & Depress your Bets. You will find all these and more as you join me on your journey. Lets take your journey to Becoming a Better and Smarter Player through My Craps Hawaii Videos.
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Craps Hawaii — Learn how to BECOME a TEAM PLAYER

10 thoughts on “Craps Hawaii — Learn how to BECOME a TEAM PLAYER

  1. I have a good friend that I have been playing craps with for years that is not a dice setter. He will always take the end table position opposite from me at SL or SR so he can help keep the landing zone clear. He is also not a bad random roller and often times gets lots of money for the players with his rolls.

  2. I’ve mostly been a lone player but I do find it helpful to have a buddy or two to help lighten the atmosphere and just create a team feeling.

  3. Excellent advice Brother! The tips you gave are so simple but very effective and helpful. We’re all there to WIN!🤙🏾 Stay safe and healthy! Aloha

  4. Great Content, Mel. Love your channel, Sir. Good advice, but I'm the guy that gets up at 4 A.M., hits the shower, grabs a hot cup of Coffee, & in the Casino by 5 A.M. looking for empty/near empty tables. It's always " Lone Wolf" play for me, but you guys have a great crew, have great fun, & some very profitable sessions.
    Continued success, Mel.

  5. I hate when people buy in during the roll… messes with the mojo and flow of the game…..

  6. 2:10! That is why I Love craps. It's Us against Them. Poker you play against each other and Blackjack too. Roulette and slots you would be better off lighting your money on fire.
    Craps is definitely the best game!

  7. It took me a long time to realize a Don't bet is not against you it's just playing the odds. I like to use a don't pass to hedge my place bets.

  8. Your advice is so good and informative . Thank you ! I had a guy make a bet right before I was getting ready to make my toss. I was in the middle of finishing my first ATAS and he interrupted my throw. The whole table was yelling at him .I redirected him to an empty spot next to me . I made my toss and hit the ATAS and then made my point but It was a near thing. I wish everyone would watch your videos and learn the finer points of the game . Thanks again for all your hard work I really enjoy your channel.

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