Craps Hawaii — My Last Practice Session

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Join me on a Journey through the World of Craps. Enjoy learning the game and becoming a Better & Smarter Player. My Videos will take you from the very Basics of the Game to High Roller Craps Strategies. Whether you are New to the Game as Beginner or a Seasoned Player we can always become Better. There is always more we can do to improve our Game. From Dice Setting & Influencing to Money Management. Learning how to Read the Table and Adjust to a Strategy that will help you Win. Learn the $130 Aloha Special “Staying Alive” System. Become more efficient playing the Short Game. Learn how to Power Press & Depress your Bets. You will find all these and more as you join me on your journey. Lets take your journey to Becoming a Better and Smarter Player through My Craps Hawaii Videos.
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Craps Hawaii — My Last Practice Session

10 thoughts on “Craps Hawaii — My Last Practice Session

  1. Some of the airports do the covid test for people i know neeark in nj does so im sure some other ones probley do it One more video id that like one more hit and im down lol

  2. Watched you roll last night live Mr. Lum Ho. So great!! Sending good luck wishes for your trip!! Go get 'em! truly steve and fran from California

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