Craps Hawaii — The EZ $75 on a DIET for the Low Roller (Session 3 of 3)

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Craps Hawaii — The EZ $75 on a DIET for the Low Roller (Session 3 of 3)

10 thoughts on “Craps Hawaii — The EZ $75 on a DIET for the Low Roller (Session 3 of 3)

  1. I believe you cheated yourself at the 6 min mark. I believe you rolled an 8, the Point, so the 7 after was on the actual come out roll.

  2. The more I watch this Strategy Unfold, I'm definitely a Big Fan !
    Unfortunately there are no $10 tables in Sight, on my Local Casino Trail ! From BATON ROUGE to New Orleans, to the BILOXI Mississippi Gulf Coast, the Tables are mostly $25 min., But at Certain times of the Day, some casinos will offer a $15 table, I assume to Attract Play !!
    To utilize this Strategy on a $15 min. Table, you would need $53 per shooter when NOT Rolling the Dice, and $68 per Shooter when I'm Rolling ! So my starting Bankroll Should be roughly $325 to $425
    To accommodate 6 Shooters !
    The Marching Soldier stepped in a big hole in you last session, but it adds additional excitement to the Game ! Thanks again, and HAPPY ROLLING ! 🤘⚜️🎲🎲

  3. I am testing the EZ strategy and so far I won both sessions. It is hard to be disciplined. I would have made more but got greedy and paid the price. I need to work on my willpower. Mahalo for your help!

  4. Should have, could have, would have, but Mel has to be Mel. Discipline, Discipline, Discipline. Very difficult for high rollers to become low rollers. If only there was a cure for the ONE MORE ROLL DISEASE. LOL

  5. Great video Mel final result is in lol no cancer it was a fungal infection doc said its all gone now have no idea how you get that in your lung but i did it

  6. Hey……thanks for face time yesterday with Rick. OK….I am now a subscriber of you channel. Thanks from Denver.

  7. I watched this Video Strategy again,and I'm Working on a Tweak or Two, primarily with me Shooting from the DONT PASS ! Pretty much using the Same Principals as you instructed ! A $40 Don't pass line bet requires a $2 all 7's hop with an extra $1 on the 6-1 ! Also to Complete the Hedged come out, I also make a $3 YO ! * I'm playing $24 on the 6 & 8, the 5's hopping for $2 each, and $15 in the Field ! Whatever the POINT is, I'll PLACE it to Cover my DONT PASS line bet !
    I'll then work on using my winnings to obtain the 9, and press the other numbers, only looking for 4 hits !
    On A 5th hit, I'll be looking to Come Down, and Send TROOPS into action !! So I'll have the Soldier Working, WITH the DONT PASS Line Bet and Placed Point Number to battle into a pretty much WASH !
    * If the 7 comes early on, my Hedged Don't Pass Line Bet will offer some Protection to my Bankroll !! * Please Examine this Altered Strategy you put on a Diet, and advise me where the
    HOLES are !! Thanks again, I'm about to check out your Latest Video !
    Thanks again, and HAPPY ROLLING

  8. Very respectable results for a low roller method. Nice way to earn your way up to the next level.

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