Craps Hawaii — The Low Rollers EZ $46 Strategy

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Join me on a Journey through the World of Craps. Enjoy learning the game and becoming a Better & Smarter Player. My Videos will take you from the very Basics of the Game to High Roller Strategies. Whether you are New to the Game as Beginner or a Seasoned Player we can always become Better. There is always more we can do to improve our Game. From Dice Setting & Influencing to Money Management. Learning how to Read the Table and Adjust to a Strategy that will help you Win. Learn the $130 Aloha Special “Staying Alive” System. Become more efficient playing the Short Game. Learn how to Power Press & Depress your Bets. You will find all these and more as you join me on your journey. Lets take your journey to Becoming a Better and Smarter Player through My Craps Hawaii Videos.
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Craps Hawaii — The Low Rollers EZ $46 Strategy

9 thoughts on “Craps Hawaii — The Low Rollers EZ $46 Strategy

  1. Again another great video with the explanations and options. A short game for a small bankroll is the way to go. Almost 100% return per shooter.

  2. Aloha Mel. Love your videos and getting our wheels turning. Being more akamai (intelligent) of our play. Mahalo!

  3. Your Videos are Very Contagious, extremely Informative ! The Little EXTRA time you take to Explain different situations, and alternative moves that can be utilized at certain phases of the Roll, is very helpful to All ! I played today (SAT) in Biloxi Mississippi, where $10 tables were available, at a few casino in
    Bay St. Louis and the Island View in Gulfport ! Most of the high end Casinos Actually in Biloxi, were Offering only $25 tables ! * $25 tables are tough to negotiate for those with a Small Bankroll, used to playing on a $10 or $15 table ! Being a Saturday, it was tough to get on any Denomination table, with players waiting to get on ! The $25 min. Table I bought in on, I noticed only a few players with a decent rack, making sizable Place Bets, with a Line bet, and Odds ! The Low Rollers stuck out, playing only the 6 & 8 or just the 6 or 8 for the min., without a line bet ! I bought in for $500,
    Used the iron Cross, and when I got $300 up, I got out !! I never threw the dice, I just did a HIT & RUN ! 🤐

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