Craps Hawaii — The New $130 Aloha Special / VERSION 2.0

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Wanting to Play Like the Big Dogs and Get Off the Porch…But Your Bankroll Might not be Big Enough. Then This Strategy Just Might Be For You. Learn how to Stay Alive While Pressing Your Bets Up.Get in the Classroom and Start Learning How To Do This.

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Craps Hawaii — The New $130 Aloha Special / VERSION 2.0

10 thoughts on “Craps Hawaii — The New $130 Aloha Special / VERSION 2.0

  1. The advanced Hawaiian version is to not take anything back and quad-press to the security cameras. lol

  2. Awesome info Mel. This is why I watch your videos to learn how to bet/regress when needed.

  3. Love this! Like you, I know how to regress but I love to push it when I'm in profit and feeling the right table. Played your EZ $165 in Vegas this weekend. Felt the table turn and wanted to take advantage of that to the light side. Even played the EZ on myself to take advantage of my horns being thrown. Had great success.

    Thanks for all the content!

  4. Mahalo Mel, One day I hope to do this but I think I would depress at around the $1,200 level on the inside numbers due to nervousness. RogerT

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