Craps Math — Part 1

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Mike explains and demonstrates the rules for the pass and odds bets and works out the player’s expected win for both.
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Craps Math — Part 1

10 thoughts on “Craps Math — Part 1

  1. BTW the "Lamer" you described at the beginning of the video is called a "Puck". However as a former craps instructor your math kicks ass. You rock. I always recommend your insight to anyone who wants to learn about any gaming math out there. Thanks for this great demo!!

  2. Can you share the .XLS file? I'm sure I'm not the only one who would appreciate this. Thanks for the hard work and informative video!

  3. great stuff here. always look forward to your content…… educational, informative and useful for application at the casino.

  4. Hey Mike thanks for posting another interesting video appreciate the regular content

  5. Hi Mike will you be covering the "doey dont" bet on the come out roll? Especially laying odds after a point is established.

  6. I'm curious why you calculate the odds of rolling the same point number twice before the come out. That isn't an option we can bet on. That would be like betting a two team parlay on a certain number before the come out.

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  8. Mike, I have been trying to find out why the casino offers ANY bet with no vig attached. I understand the vig comes from the main bet but why do casinos offer free odds at all? Seems so counterintuitive to how they operate. Is there a historical reason for this?

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