10 thoughts on “Craps Training – the grip and why you double pitch or implode explode

  1. I’m so glad I finally found a video like this George. But when I try to grip the dice like that on just the cut edge, my fingers can’t keep a grip on them long enough to make the toss. I’ve tried chalk and wiping my hand and it doesn’t seem to help. I always end up having to move my thumb and/or fingers further down in order to not drop them while holding them lightly.

  2. Hi George, this is a great video and I have been working hard on my practice rig on everything you showed. I really liked your explanation of everyone having different finger length, etc. so grips will look a little different player to player. My ring finger is just slightly shorter than my middle finger but my index finger is quite a bit shorter than my ring finger. Additionally, my left index finger is a bit longer than my right. Practicing from both sides with the same swing using both hands. Much easier to get on stick right and using left hand. I have found that if I get a good centered grip with my middle finger and thumb and barely touch the edges of the dice with my ring and index fingers, I get a much more consistent on axis toss. Never have to worry about one finger or the other providing more strength as both are barely touching the edge with the tips of the fingers and applying equal pressure. I guess my only question is discerning the results, (on axis, off axis, single/double pitch, etc.) as caused by the toss or back wall. Some tosses look great, staying together and on axis, but once hitting the back wall it seems out of my control. Not sure how to analyze the results as mechanics of toss or back wall interference.

  3. Master George! Thank you ever so much for this video. I’ve been in a slump trying over and over to figure out what’s wrong. But after imitating your grip and toss I have got my first 28 rolls before the seven! Thanks again.
    I still need to practice to have the dice to stay together and hitting the back wall and staying within 6 inches of the landing zone. But one day. one day soon?

  4. Great video George,I gained a incredible amount of knowledge about the grip etc in this one video than I ever knew before.Now I just have to practice,,,practice,,,practice,,,,Thanks alot George 👍

  5. Love what you're doing and I noticed the same thing,,, however when you take the dive back from perp they disappear from you're view. And given the nature of drawing the dice across you're body it creates too much opportunity for inaccuracy…I found it's better at this point to just keep the dice in eyesight….it worked for me, however like you said the difference in finger height is an issue…still working on it! the Don's grip is pretty accurate because drawing the dice closer to you're palm eliminates a lot of variance. however it takes away some natural pendulum….so compensation in arm speed has to increase….and like I said, I'm still working on it!

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