Craps – Wait on a hot table or hop on a cold one? Here’s the Deal

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Here’s The Deal – What do you do when scouting tables? Wait on the hot one, or hop on the cold one?

Our friend Ciro over at the Mid Mo Yo channel started a new series called “Here’s The Deal” where he wants to answer a question of his.

In this episode, he asks about whether or not you care about the vibe of a table and are willing to wait for it. Here’s my reply …

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Craps – Wait on a hot table or hop on a cold one? Here’s the Deal

10 thoughts on “Craps – Wait on a hot table or hop on a cold one? Here’s the Deal

  1. Hop on a cold one! Gotta have arrows for your quiver! Cold tables pay off as much as hot ones

  2. Only Play where you're most comfortable throwing the dice from. Get your spot and light the table on fire…

  3. Couldn’t agree more. I won’t take a spot that isn’t comfortable. There’s always bubble craps while you wait for your spot. I’m flexible with light and dark side betting so I’m good with a cold table.

  4. I agree!! That’s what I preach at my blackjack table and YouTube videos also. In and out make $1000 to $1500
    And as I tall every one… I hear my mother calling me I GOT TO GO!!!

  5. Dice don't care nor know what is going on. A cold table to me tells me that the people shooting just aren't shooting advantageously. I know, or I believe, that I can. So my plan is to go in there and rock that table back to life!

  6. You are correct, why are we here? Friends long play, take open table pick your position roll for fun social play. Solo play, hours to kill, join hot table & experience the group love. Sometimes we just wanna partake in the group fun, especially when solo. Play safe, low limit, low edge bets pass time, make a little more and take it all in. ITS A GAME Make it Fun.

  7. I hop on the first available table that isn't too crowded. I'm a good size guy so I like some space and I like a lot of things going on at the same time so a small number of players on my end works best. Now that's when I am about some serious trying to make some money playing craps mode. If I am at a convention with work and we are at a casino and a gang of us crowd around a table, then the spot I stagger into will do just fine and 6 and 8 one hit and down it is from then on out. one-dollar Horns and Hardway's parlay for days till the jackpot hits. Makes them go nuts.

  8. Take the cold table if my throwing spot is open, also don't have to worry about piles of land mines, nice open landing area.

  9. John we're VERY HAPPY ☺ that your main goal is to get at your "Spot" at the Table before you will play on it! That is understandable. I have my spot too. But I will go out on a Limb and guess that MOST ALL of us are MUCH MORE Interested in HOW you walked into the Casino and it seems like from your description left in a fairy swift amount of time with $1000!!!!! Please enlighten us as to WHAT Strategy(s) you used to accomplish that which by the way you described it sounds like it's a VERY Common thing you can do? This way we can all try to do the same!!!!! Thanks!

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