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If you don’t believe tracking dice rolls makes sense, this video might make you a believer. In this video, I reveal some patterns that I look for while tracking rolls and illustrate some dice tracking methods from previous visits. After this, the game of craps will never be the same. Join the revolution! Visit

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  1. Ronald Graham ——> I watched a shooter roll a ten for his first point. I had $1 on any seven on each come out roll to protect my $5 bet from the seven if it rolled. Only one way to make an eleven ,so I didn't worry about it. Three shooters in a row had made a point and then rolled a seven. I placed $10 on the don't pass line and $2 on any seven right before the forth shooter rolled his dice. His first point was a 10. He rolled four times and hit the 10. I then placed $30 on the don't pass line and $5 on any seven on the come out roll. He then rolled another 10 for a point! He was not setting his dice , but throwing them at random. He made his third 10! I then placed $150 on the don't pass and $10 on any seven. He rolled another 10 for a point! After he has got past 6 rolls , I added $20 odds on the $150 that I had placed on the don't pass against his 10. He rolled his forth 10 ! He rolled 36 times and rolled every single number on the crap table but the 10. I was really sweating bullets then. On his 37th roll he finally rolled the 10.

  2. I just had a practice sesion over the weekend which I threw 45 times with no 7( by far the longest throw I have had. I always keep track of my throws with pen and paper, as I like too look at what I threw at later dates. I thought you would be interested in the results. Here is the list of rolls that I threw.6,6,5,10,5,10,9,5,5,4,8,3,9,9,3,6,10,6,11,8,10,10,9,3,9,8,9,8,5,10,3,11,6,9,6,9,6,9,8,10,5,12,10,5,8,7.What I find interesting is your fact base theory that throwing 8 tens and then the seven. Yu mention in your 125 thousand rolls that the 4 and 10's donot reach 9 total.

  3. Via statistics that dont lie by showing the same patterns over and over, this is in fact a good way to understand dice.

  4. Wow, trends in craps is a universal principle if you will. I can imagine their are more variances to consider, such as speed, distance and gravity, even the probability of each single dice may be worthy of charting… but that's getting quite deep.

    Thanks for making your videos Ron.

  5. I really appreciate your work in this endeavor! Thanks for your hard work. I agree after about 8 hrs. of tracking rolls, recording them…myt mind would be fried also. But what you say about the 8's or 6's is so true after like 3 of them I will often lay $31 for a quick $24 profit, if I don't bang out that 7 within 4 rolls I usually will take it down. I never used to lay bet them, it is a relatively new thing for me. BTW, I prefer laying against the 5 or 9 for $34 as opposed to laying against the 4 or 10 for $51($41 it's not even worth it for $19, in my opinion) I would like to contact you at another time.

  6. Again, Craps dealer of 27 years , total gibberish !! This guy is sick !!! Each roll is independent of every other roll !!! Again , total gibberish !! Funny thing is that he believes his own bullbad !! Ok , do say he IS rite !!! So how do you bet to win ??? He never says how to bet !! Us dealers laugh at these guys all day long !!!!

  7. When you get tired, and burnt out you tip the dealers rite ??? Or are you a stiff ???

  8. Cool stuff. I think the long roll seven out myth is pretty real. Other than that, a ton of feel involved for me.

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