Don’t Come Hedge For The Average Craps Guy

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Easy low risk strategy for low rolling bank rolls using the Don’t Pass as a hedge for the place bets. As always, leave a comment and any suggestions you might have. Thanks for watching.

Don’t Pass for $10
Place the 6 and 8 for $5 (if point is 6 or 8, number of your choice)
After two hits on the 6 and 8, take down and let point resolve

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Don’t Come Hedge For The Average Craps Guy

2 thoughts on “Don’t Come Hedge For The Average Craps Guy

  1. Ok your using my hedge hop 6/8. Thanks for using my strategy hopefully it works for ya

  2. lots of people set up there hedge to loose money just to make it sting less in my opinion it should be set up to Win money so the 6&8 w/ $6 each should be set up with $15 or $20 DP if 7 hits you win $3-$8 and be sure it's all been done Before. no system will be guaranteed to win all systems have times they will loose & times they will win

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