10 thoughts on “For beginners. The first time you walk up to a craps table.

  1. hey bone where at the table do you throw from?at the end of the table or from where youre standing?

  2. even if you want to pull all bets y stop throwing? keep the odds and stay inside and youll stay on top

  3. Thanks my man. Stepped up to the craps table at Excalibur an hour after check in last night and played how you showed. Dropped $100 and within 45 minutes im up $100, pocketed my original $100 and still playing on casino money. Right now I’m up $400 as of today. You definitely helped out my game and confidence about playing the game. Thank you.

  4. i love you bone! But just one thing, its not casino money, its your money after you've won it innit? either ways, I do understand what you mean and send you much luck! Keep killing it out there!

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