Hardway Bets – Casino Craps 🎲🎲

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Casino craps hardway bets are a simple bet to learn, fun to play, but not that wise a bet to make. In this video I explain the ins and outs of hardway bets, the advantages, and what to look out for.

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Hardway Bets – Casino Craps 🎲🎲

10 thoughts on “Hardway Bets – Casino Craps 🎲🎲

  1. "Not a very good example, I'm not showing you anything…". Because it's a horrible bet! Keep up the good work!

  2. Had a blast playing the hard way bets, not too long ago. Started with a $1 each, and after each hit raised each bet by a dollar and finally ended with $6 on each hard way. So I came home and crunched some numbers and came up with this strategy. Start with a $1 each and after first hit press each hard way up $2, after second hit press each hard way $3, and so on and so on.

  3. I would watch this one guy at my local casino bet 60 on the hard six and he ended up hitting three times before seven out.it was amazing seeing him make over a thousand on such poor odds

  4. I like the channel but going to have to disagree with you here. When I play at my local casinos. When i play hardways I get exactly what it says I'm supposed to get. Example the hard 8 pays 9 to 1 and I get $9 for hitting it. Plus my hardways bet stays up. So technically I win $10, $9 to keep and $1 stays on the hardways.

  5. So I had to do a re-evaluation of how I played the hard ways! I worked out a new system that allows me to start with $2 on the hard 6 and hard 8 and if either one of them hit then I take the $18 split it between the two and make each bet $11. Trying to make that black chip as fast as possible. If either hard way hits again your getting paid $99. So then you say, $1 for $100.

  6. once upon a time, I was putting change on the hard 8 and it hit when I had seven dollars. I parlayed the bet. A few roles later, the hard 8 came up again, paying me 630 dollars. You gonna parlay that, asked one of the dealers. I decided to rake and just leave the 70 dollars out there. Five or six rolls later….hard 8. 630 more dollars but just think, if I had had the balls to parlay once more……

  7. I put $300 on 8 number and 100 on hard 8. If regular 8 rolls I get back and replace 100 get back 200. If hardway comes I get 900 and plus 300

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