Spiderman GameCube | Elsa Gate – Part 1 [GameCube Roulette 8] (ft. Chaz)

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We’re far away from home with Spiderman on the GameCube! An exciting adventure where spiderman must save Elsa from the evil forces of demonetization. A new spiderman movie and an old spiderman game let’s go! #spiderman #elsa #gaming

Random retro video games with friends. From the NES to GameCube and genesis to dreamcast, Retro Roulette is two lifelong friends Chris and Anthony, who spin the roulette wheel to determine which retro games they play together. There are countless games and possibilities, but no matter how bad or hard the game is, we’ll play at least 30 minutes (3 episodes) for you. If we like the game, we’ll upload more videos and possibly finish the game, and if we don’t like it… well you sadists will enjoy our suffering.

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Spiderman GameCube | Elsa Gate – Part 1 [GameCube Roulette 8] (ft. Chaz)

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