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Craps is very precise game of strategy and logic. with the best strategy and good shooting one can win and win often. in this video im working on shooting groups of numbers

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out and I hope you didn't think I was critizing your dice set just noting how I've seen them called. I do have a question about your throw, it seems there's not really any rotation on your dice. Is it more a "lob" throw without much rotation? Your arm swings different than most controlled shooters I've seen. It looks like it rotates counter-clockwise. I've been working on rotation but "not too many" rotations. My local casino has a nice soft surface so you can really land in dead.

  2. Hey bro. 18:09 while counting green chips you stacked a red for a green. So you started with $380(not $400)
    I kinda knew when you threw a few repeats that it was going to be a tough session but I appreciate the reality factor in the video more than anything else. 10+ rolls before the big red. Also we need more than anything to find the set that avoids the Yo more than any other number cause that’s the damaging number in the sequence. (Shouldn’t be too difficult with bone tracker)

  3. The 3V set always works providing you use the correct dice. That’s the difficult part in selecting the 2 that will hold the set well. What I usually do is throw the dice of the table and ask the sticky for new dice. The 3V set has a 100% win rate providing you throw like press and don’t hit the alligator back board.

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