10 thoughts on “How to Make Come Bets on Casino Craps

  1. @fassilt Right, 7 or 11 win on the pass line on the 'come out roll' (that means before a point is established). Yes 7 or 11 win in the come AFTER a point is established, but you wouldn't have a wager in the come on the 'come out roll' (before a point is established). Watch the video at 0:18 and you'll see what I mean. I hope I answered your question. If not, let me know.

  2. I like to place bet 6 and 8 then throw one on the come bet. If another 8 or 6 lands then i keep my seven dollars and use my place bet for odds. Its a free increase. Then i make one more place bet on 5 or 9 and hope a seven doesnt roll. I have never lost money with this strategy. Out of the 3 times ive played craps using come bets you can play for hours!

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  4. 2:00  do you HAVE to give odds on the five?  I'm going to vegas in a month and really wanna get this game down before I go.  it's a busy game!

  5. quick question candy….(ive never played this in real life only online)…lets say the point is 10, i put 5 dollars in the come…the next roll is 9…am i aloud to remove my 5 dollar bet from the table? ….also….lets say i put 5 in the come , the next roll is 9….after that the next roll is 10 so the dice go to new shooter, my 5 dollars is still on that 9…can i remove it inbetween rolls?

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