How to play Craps (part 2) ASMR

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In this ASMR video, I explain a little bit more about the casino game Craps. In part 1, I explain most of the basics. Here, I talk about “placing” numbers and the “proposition bets” (i.e. the sucker bets in the middle of the table).

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How to play Craps (part 2) ASMR

10 thoughts on “How to play Craps (part 2) ASMR

  1. Something id like too see very soon and I'm struggling with currently is Completing the Square, solving all the way through to the simplest fraction. If love to see that video (:

  2. Great work once again. Can you possibly make another video on how YOU actually play craps. I always like to see how everyone plays their version to make money. I take it you bet on the pass line and put place bets on 6 and 8 to start?

  3. Excellent video! Just out of curiosity, are you using the built-in microphone in the video camera, or an external one?

  4. Do you plan on doing a video on the Fibonacci sequence? I couldn't help but notice the spiraling associated with it is your profile header and the concept is quite interesting to me. Just wanted to know if it was perhaps on a list of things to do, or maybe you've done it already and I just don't know haha.

  5. I love your voice and your videos. 😀 You're helping me to not feel so afraid of math. I have never been good at factoring in algebra, always making mistakes. Maybe you could do a video about polynomials or other factoring stuff? Logarithmic function is also interesting. 
    Thanks so much for making these videos!

  6. Nice Video. I think you made a little mistake though. The 7 bet thats pays 5 to 1 already gives an advantage to the Casino. Like you said the Chance of rolling a 7 ist 1/6, so to be even you would have to win 6 times your bet, so 6:1. But here you only win 5:1 which will make you lose money in the long run.

  7. Excellent delivery of your explanation, this game itself however seems extremely complicated and irrelevant, this is only my opinion

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