How to Play Craps Part 2 (Don’t Pass Line)

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7 lessons on how to play craps. Explains dice and bets.
Part 3:
This video is lesson 2 and it teaches Don’t Pass Line with Odds and also has a sample game of Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line.

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How to Play Craps Part 2 (Don’t Pass Line)

10 thoughts on “How to Play Craps Part 2 (Don’t Pass Line)

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  2. Came across these videos looking for an explanation on the come and don't come.. I pretty much got it but as far as the don't pass line goes, I love it. I can give a bad how people are feeling lol.. Everyone seems to forget you're really betting against the casino, not the person rolling the dice

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  4. thanx for the info.and im a genius now. i will try this and im going to back my 10k period!

  5. Can you please answer a question for me? Let's say I have 10 on don't pass and the first roll is any number except 7&11. Ok, now I just want to put another 10 on the don't come and then roll the dice. Say the dice say 9. Would the dealer simply put my 10 from the don't come line and put it on the 9? Let's say I put another 10 bucks on the don't come and I roll the dice and a 5 comes up. Would the dealer then put my 10 bucks on the 5? Then let's say I don't put any more money on the don't come and continue to roll until a 7 comes up. Would the dealer pay me $10 on the 5 & 9 and another $10 on my don't pass line? Can I play all night using this safe method without laying odds? Thanks.

  6. I have found if I place a don't pass and I back it up for the first roll a world bet it tends to work in my favor.

  7. Always bet dark side. Can you lay 10 on DP and 2 on 7 in horn? Seems you could increase luck on come out roll

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