How to Play Craps Part 6 (Place Bets)

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7 lessons on how to play craps. Explains dice and bets.
Part 7:
This video is lesson 6 and it teaches how Place Bets work.

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How to Play Craps Part 6 (Place Bets)

10 thoughts on “How to Play Craps Part 6 (Place Bets)

  1. If the place bets are in the dealer's work space how do I put a bet there? Do I wait for him to take my bet and tell him where to put it or do I put it on Come or somewhere else and tell him to make it a place bet?

  2. I have several questions; How do you instruct the dealer to place a placed bet? Next I would like to know what would reset your bet where you would lose your bet and reset the table on a placed bet; is it a seven or the point number thats established? How does the on and off effect the bet?  Also, if placed bets pay better than come bets, why even place a come bet when you can just pick any number for your placed bet?   

  3. If the button is off and you have a bet above the come bar and the next role hits your number do you win?

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  5. is there an easier way to know what you need to be paid? I always get confused with the odds and never know how much im meant to be paid

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  7. I live and play in California, a little different here as you may know; dice are used however they only determine the card that is used and the card has a number on it. And this number is your point or number thrown. Now my question is I place the place bets and very often I will bet $ 32.00 across or $ 64.00 and get them working on the come out. If I get past the the "7" then I start to make money right away. Now my question too you can I still at this time place a bet on the "don't come " ?

    I should also say here in California we have a "hoppin bet" all the numbers on the table are available to bet as a one time roll, obviously with a higher payout. I do very well on these "hoppin bets" especially with the sevens, since once they start rolling as you know they get HOT. I find this is a good time to start betting, by place $20.00 dollars on "any seven bet". And then choosing a "hoppin bet" either a 6-1, 5-2 or a 4-3 for $ 5.00 on one of the three. Example if a choose a 5-2 "hoppin" and hit money is very good. Plus the $20.00 any seven is an add on. If the 5-2 "hoppin" misses I still basically brake even with my $20.00 dollar any seven bet.

    I would like to know if I could combine the "don't come" with this strategy.

  8. I've heard place bets aren't so swell except for maybe six and eight but otherwise avoid? What is the ideal situation that a player should place bet? Thanks!

  9. I just wanted thank you for making this video! I have been all over YouTube, all over Google trying to figure out why when I watch a craps YouTube channel they are paying them self 2 to 1 on the 4 & 10. I am still a little confused but I’ve only watched the video one time, I really want to thank you for putting these videos up. I have always been a poker player & for a number of years walked by the craps table because it was either always full, but to be honest was always intimidated by how much was going on and how it looked so confusing lol. I really look forward to watching all your videos and will share with other people thanks again!

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