How to Play Craps Part 7 (Center Bets)

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7 lessons on how to play craps. Explains dice and bets.
This video is lesson 7 and it teaches you about the Center Bets.

Craps Strategies

3 Point Molly:
Iron Cross:
No 4 & No 10:
Cancellation System:
Martingale System:
Don’t Pass with Don’t Come:
Iron Cross with Come & 3 Point Molly:

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How to Play Craps Part 7 (Center Bets)

8 thoughts on “How to Play Craps Part 7 (Center Bets)

  1. I've been watching your craps tutorials the last few days. They are clear and very helpful. I think you have a great personality that helps to sell the game and allows the lesson to sink in better. It's wonderful that you give so many examples. It's a nice, even pace that really breaks down the game into manageable bits. It's helped me a lot. More importantly, I have more fun playing. Thanks for all the hard work and effort.

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  3. A quick question about the odds and the payouts.   Rolling a pair of 1's, or a pair of 6's pays 30-to-1.   Rolling a pair of 2's or 5's pays 8-to-1, and rolling a pair of 3's or 4's pays 10-to-1.   In my mind, the odds of rolling any pair, are EXACTLY the same, whether it's 6's or 3's, …. so why the different pay out ratio's ?

  4. I have this strategy where I give em my money and they take it….they build casinos based on my strategy and the fact that everyone employs it

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