How to PLAY & WIN BIG on The Hard Ways | Craps Basics

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How to PLAY & WIN BIG on The Hard Ways | Craps Basics

9 thoughts on “How to PLAY & WIN BIG on The Hard Ways | Craps Basics

  1. Ride the rolls for a buck and see if you can find the end of the rainbow 🌈…looks like a new option to try when I come back out…great demonstration Dave😎

  2. Parlaying the hardways is something you'll see a lot of with us Hawaiians at Fremont, California, and Main Street Station hotels in Downtown Vegas. Normally start at $5, parlay to $50, then you have options on your $500 win.

  3. This video reminded me to ask for another video. One that explains all the lingo that is used for various bets that is heard and what they mean, like the way you explained the two way hard bets. That would help the average player understand more of what’s being said at the table as well as newer dealers. Thanks and keep up the good work

  4. Did this today successfully!! $1>$10>$100>$900win on the hard 6.. took the 100 and spread it to all the hard ways. It was a beautiful thing

  5. Wow… am I a better dealer than you??… took me bout 4 seconds to figure it paid 448 or 512 and down… you didn't even wanna try…….hmmmm

  6. If I'm winning a lot, I'd bet $6 hard 6 or 8; if it hits then I collect $50 and press to $10. If I just feel like playing it, I'd bet a buck and parlay to 10; then press to $50 and collect $50. If I lost a few times, left to get my head straight and came back; I'd buy 10 for $39 (if they allow $1 vig or have vig on win only) and but hard 10 for $10 as well. If a dice controller, the 3v set with 6 and 5 on the back will not make easy 6 or easy 8 if it lands on axis. To my knowledge, I came up with this last method; but remember, you have to get it to stay on axis.

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