How To Track Craps Shooters

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This video discusses a technique for tracking the tosses made by yourself and other shooters. How do you do it and how can you use this technique to determine when to bet. And, a story when this tool was very useful!

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How To Track Craps Shooters

2 thoughts on “How To Track Craps Shooters

  1. Excellent video. Very informative! Thru some expensive lessons at the table I've found using a similar collect/press strategy works best for me.

    Do you leave your bets out there till the seven comes or do you ever regress your bets?

    When table conditions change sometimes I'll go from something like 108 across down to $27 across.

  2. For 99% of players, 99% of the time, this is not necessary. Throwing the dice is a completely random event, and only in an extreme rarity can someone manipulate the dice, if at all.

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