Huge Craps Profits – Learn to play with your excess winnings!

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When playing for a win goal only, if you have a hard stop at some percentage win goal, you leave yourself open for more long term losses if you don’t both play FOR and WITH excess winnings.

Can that really be the secret to long term profits in craps?


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Huge Craps Profits – Learn to play with your excess winnings!

8 thoughts on “Huge Craps Profits – Learn to play with your excess winnings!

  1. I didn't have a goal in mind when I went the last few times…well not a reasonably obtainable one. I usually quit when i double or triple up and that's hours and hours trying to catch the big roll. Today I walked in with $6000 and walked out $6000 after about 4 hours of play and I am good with that since I have lots of opportunity since there are atleast 4 casinos near me 2 of which are less than 20-30 minutes drive.

  2. '' if you can pull it off' '' and that is da ? /////////////good to talkit hard to do it imo

  3. The right way to play, if such a thing can be said of a game of chance ( at a negative expectation ), is to eliminate all guesswork, imposing no preconceived expectations whatsoever.

    An action plan which anticipates every contingency is “baked in” to comprehensive strategy.

    Its overall rule base ensures that you’ll limit your losses—but let your profits run. That is as it should be. Where has anyone demonstrated increased profits flow from terms defined more narrowly?

    An arbitrary win goal is therefore unnecessary, as is a preconceived Loss Limit. ( Although such a practice is not particularly harmful; it isn’t required, and would work a distortion on the plan. )

    The Rule of Ten shooters, which is invoked almost universally among YouTube craps content providers ( and nonfiction How To book authors, alike )—although few dice bettors take the trouble to attribute Sam Grafstein, who first described the practice in 1981. …It was offered to ensure you, the dice bettor, a fair trial of THE DICE DOCTOR’s suggested strategy, reducing the need to move on to other tables.

    By allocating a subdivision sufficient for approximately ten *qualified shooters, a systematic plan for assembling flats with corresponding Odds bets ( withdrawn from the front-left groove of your rail ) is thereby funded.

    Whether future bets become authorized, at increased amounts, awaits Not the resolute depletion of all your money, should that prove necessary, nor the interim total of incidental winnings, but instead the methodical processing of one’s betting stake. In such a way that a profit residue begins accumulating at the back-left groove ( which is where your lockup checks are placed. )

    You aren’t committing your resources to some threshold! …Which either expands to a fixed amount, or exhausts all available funds in a failed effort. The question is nuncupatory.

    But you’ll find that unfavorable outcomes will trigger reductions to base minimums. This is a rule.

    Increases after a losing bet aren’t EVER authorized.

    Instead you’ll be executing a prepared campaign of battle, whose outcome ( judging by intermittent Hard Counts which are on a timetable ) will determine what exact pressure is applied, and what happens next.
    *Eliminating first-order PSO shooters, by the way, as a result of ordinary patience for a brief 1-count, will save you money.

  4. Hey!!! You should come join us in Tahoe in August for my birthday weekend!!!

  5. What would you say if I told you craps, for some, is not a game of chance but a hybrid game of chance and skill? For instance a skilled thrower can reduce the vectors which creates random throws resulting in additional box wins per session. Or a perceptive player can identify the quality of the current shooter and change their betting strategy accordingly. Skilled play not only eliminates house edge but creates a player edge. Now before you dismiss this remember this Pinball too was once thought of as a game of pure luck and banned as a gambling device. Now it is determined to be 80% skill 20% luck. While I don’t believe the ratio in craps is that skewed all you need is to overcome the 1.41% house edge on a place 6/8, or a 1.41% pass line wager.

  6. Hi John, I keep track of ever thing ,last year I went to the casino 19 times I’m about 20 minutes away, I’m retired on a fixed budget so My buy in is only $300 to $400. My balance at end of the year was -$-589. Which is about-$31. Loss per visit,to me all that fun,action and Excitement was well worth it and yes I love craps.And also last year ,twice I played 6 to 7 hours using one of your strategies. $25 DP (no hedging) $15 come following a$20 come then a $40come total outlay $100. Last year this time I was up $1079 on my 10th visit and as of July 1st this year (9th visit)I’m actually down $-1070…pretty insane, boy oh boy craps is a tough nut to crack. I will follow your advice on short stacking if I’m ahead. Thank You for all that you do for all of us in the craps community 👍 we are all trying to win 🏆 By the way I still use that strategy above when I’m down chasing my losses. Thanks Again, Dan

  7. When you think about it this is just the concept of playing with casino money writ large; it’s a good idea, you get “your money” (in this case, the 10% profit) back off the table and then you’re free to gamble the rest without taking unnecessary risks!

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