Learn Casino Craps Quick Start for Beginners

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This video is for someone trying to understand the game of Craps. It’s for “Right Betters”. Those who bet with the shooter. Don’t Pass & Don’t Come aren’t discussed. It emphasizes the Pass line & Come bets, with FULL ODDS that are the best bets in the casino. I used www.WIZARDOFODDS.com for the table. Great site for information on all casino games. I also enjoyed & learned from ” How to Win at Gambling” by Avery Cardoza. Feedback is appreciated at CrapsCentral@Live.com

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Learn Casino Craps Quick Start for Beginners

10 thoughts on “Learn Casino Craps Quick Start for Beginners

  1. Thanks for this video. This will get me playing at a table at Parx casino. You made this game a lot less complicated to begin playing. Two great pieces of advice you gave too: do not bet against fellow gamblers, and also to stay away from the sucker bets they want you to throw money on.

  2. I understand what 6 shades says, what if the player already knows how to play craps. Why should he tip?? That would depend on the dealer who is handling your bets. Is he friendly ?? Is he competent ?? A good dealer will learn the players strategy and will remind him of his odds and other bets the player may forget. He will make sure the player does not forget certain bets that he may like to bet such as a crap cheque on the come out roll to protect his line bet. Like I said the dealer will do the work so the player does not even have to think about his betting. The player can relax and have fun. Of course that is if the player wants that. I know for some players it`s more of a business , they want to be in control, in that case the dealer can not do much.

  3. I just started playing craps last week and actually won over $100 on it. I'd have to say it was luck and it was my first time playing this. Next time I go to the casino I'm gonna try this strategy. Thanks for sharing your strategy.

  4. Well this is the very first time I've watched a vid that said playing the NO PASS line is a waste of time.

  5. "If he rolls a 7 everyone loses" (5 seconds later) "if he rolls a 7 everyone wins." WTF?

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