Learn Craps Dark Side Payouts | Level Up at Dice 05

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Learn Craps Dark Side Payouts | Level Up at Dice 05 is the fifth episode in a series with David at Casino Quest. Level up your knowledge of the game from a dice master. Today we talk about the dark side or don’t betting at the craps table. Be sure to subscribe to Casino Quest, as each episode will alternate between Color Up and Casino Quest.

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Learn Craps Dark Side Payouts |  Level Up at Dice 05

10 thoughts on “Learn Craps Dark Side Payouts | Level Up at Dice 05

  1. I've never experienced having to lay large enough to win the table minimum anywhere on the east coast.

  2. The lay to meet the table min is a casino rule not a craps rule. I lay 6 dollars on the 6&8 on a $15 table all the time in New England. (Dont play at Foxwoods so I dont know the rules there.) 2 casinos in Mass 2 in Ri and 1 in Ct let anything go on the lays.

  3. When the whole pandemic/social-distance/plexiglass thing is over, let's do a meet up at the Strat to play craps. We'll take over a whole table and all play the DC with odds.

  4. I like to tease don't players when I 7 out…"I take tips for my service too." It's all in good fun though. Hate leads to the dark side…

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