Learn to play craps! Information for new players

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This video is to show beginners how to buy on to a table and general knowledge of the game to help them overcome the intimidation of a craps table.
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Learn to play craps! Information for new players

2 thoughts on “Learn to play craps! Information for new players

  1. Really nice and helpful video for those that want to try out the game of craps. Made it truly feel like you were at a casino.

  2. Love the video guys, if only we could have all learned how to play in this low stress setting. Just a slight memo…..I believe you guys are paying the hardways incorrectly for your specific layout. For example, the hard 6….most layouts read 9 TO 1 OR 10 FOR 1 (same thing)…..which would pay $45 and leave the $5 up for next rolls. However, your layout reads 10 TO 1 (same as 11 FOR 1) …..meaning you should be paying $50 and leaving $5 up for next rolls. This same thing would effect how you are paying the high horns. I very well could be wrong, but thought it was worth bringing up for review. Again, just trying to be helpful……keep the awesome vids coming!

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