Learning Craps: S1E3 – Introducing the Don’t Pass Line & Laying Odds

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This video continues my Learning Craps series for beginners about playing craps at a $15 table this time betting the minimum Don’t Pass line bet. In episode 3, the Don’t Pass bet (aka the DP) works opposite of the Pass Line bet–the DP wins on a 2 or 3, bars the 12 (or is a push), and loses on a 7 or 11 on the Come Out roll. After establishing the Point, if a 7 rolls before the Point number, the DP bet wins 1:1 payout (ex. $15 DP bet wins $15). Place betting continues on the box numbers: 4/5/6/8/9/10; however, we play the inside box numbers 5/6/8/9–called betting the Inside. (Place bet payouts were explained in episode 2.) On the Don’t Pass bet, we “lay odds” against the Point, meaning we are taking odds against the Point number rolling before Big Red (or 7) shows. The DP Lay Odds payout is the opposite of the Pass Line odds payout–meaning you have to “lay” more to win less (ex. against the Point of 6, you have to lay $30 to win $25 as the payout is 5-6). For the DP Lay Odds bet, just ask your dealer what the table limit is if you decide to make this bet. The bankroll increased to $500 this time since after the last episode we lost the bankroll quickly due to the increase in the number of bets being made.

Next time on Learning Craps, we will continue betting either the Pass Line (PL) or the Don’t Pass (DP), adding PL odds or laying DP odds, and we’ll explore both the Come bet and the Don’t Come (or DC) bet areas which both work in conjunction with the PL bet and the DP bet, respectively. Stay tuned…

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Learning Craps: S1E3 – Introducing the Don’t Pass Line & Laying Odds

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