Learning Craps: S1E5 – The Field

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This video continues my Learning Craps series for beginners about playing craps at a $15 table this time betting the Field! The Field (also known as Centerfield if the 9 hits) is a self-serve betting area on the table. It is a one-roll bet that you can make anytime and remove anytime before the dice are rolled. As courtesy, if you are playing a Field bet, always put the bet down BEFORE the dice are out. This way you are not interfering with the shooter’s throw. The Field covers the numbers: 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, and the 12. It does not cover the 5, 6, or the 8. Also, the Field bet wins 1:1 (ex. $15 Field bet wins $15). In most casinos, both the 2 & 12 win double in the Field—but in some casinos, 12 wins triple. Some players will parlay a Field win which means stack your Field winnings on your initial Field bet. In addition, many players will roll the Iron Cross strategy, which means a Field bet + Place bets on the 5/6/8 (since these numbers are not in the Field)—this way, you cover all of the numbers except for Big Red.

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Learning Craps: S1E5 – The Field

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  1. @OldBayCraps, Informative thank you! great explanation IE remove bet in field never "off" self-service bet

  2. 2 things. I love your delivery method and how you explain everything. Second, I like the you unviel the new topic by removing the paper. Keep up the great work my friend.

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