Learning Craps with Alfredo common PLACED BETS

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So you want to learn craps. You’ve found the right place, i’ll be publishing a series of videos that help walk you through the basics and teach you how to learn the game of craps without over leveraging your bankroll. The most important aspect of craps in the beginning is to get to know the game before you utilize advised betting strategies.

Without the fundamental base of how the game is played and the quick up/down swings you could end up with a hefty loss. To help avoid that, I recommending placing a bet on no more than 1-2 numbers. This can be the passline (PL) or don’t pass (DL), and one additional number like a placed 6 or 8 or one additional DC bet with no odds. I will provide sound advice on how to ease your way into playing craps as it can be fast paced and high leveraging game.

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Alfredo with TCS

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Learning Craps with Alfredo common PLACED BETS

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