LIVE CRAPS GAME – SOME DECENT ROLLS – Live Craps Game at Century Casino

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LIVE CRAPS GAME – SOME DECENT ROLLS – Live Craps Game at Century Casino

10 thoughts on “LIVE CRAPS GAME – SOME DECENT ROLLS – Live Craps Game at Century Casino

  1. I see that you are throwing a stack set, looks like your doing well with it. Is there any particular set up?

  2. That's awesome that you were able to play with a subscriber. I just had my first experience playing with a subscriber. Went really well. Very cool experience, and, we won.

  3. Rick, mahalo for the video, I played along with you guys for the first time n came out ahead $213. When I practice throwing the dice I seem to mess up my neck which causes dizziness. I have to figure this out. My chiropractic treatments help a lot. I hope you n Bryan n the HCS crew have a blast this weekend. RogerT

  4. on 9:38 point was 4 but on screen video edit showed 5 instead. great videos overall, keep it up

  5. I learned a lot just by watching, the way they talk to the dealer when to press and regress bets. Game lingo I wouldn’t know, Good video.

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