Live Craps – Learn to win at craps by understanding “variance”

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Craps is a very streaky game. One of the best ways to win at craps is to hop onto a streak and bet it properly. This doesn’t require you to be an advanced craps player.

Beginners can hop on the trends too.You’ll need to understand a few things.

Money Management
Streak Betting Methodology

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0:00 Introduction
0:20 Streaks: Explanation
0:40 Variance Defined
1:35 Trends, Streaks, Clusters
2:00 Time is your Frienemy
4:00 Variance (Coin Flips)
5:50 Variance in the short term
8:30 Money Management / Betting
10:10 1,000 Rolls – Win Craps Analysis
18:00 Live Roll Out
43:25 Recap
44:35 THC


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Live Craps – Learn to win at craps by understanding “variance”

8 thoughts on “Live Craps – Learn to win at craps by understanding “variance”

  1. once again John a great great video with some great thoughts reinforced. many thanks Dan

  2. Extreme variance with negative outcomes is what will break a bankroll every time.

    Excellent video!

  3. Another good video, thanks!

    With your “roll out window” you need to make sure your Pass line bet is under the “Double Six’s” rather so it doesn’t get hidden under the Roll Out Window! Doesn’t ruin it for me, but will be a little smoother if you do!

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