Live Craps Practice Back to the 775s Part 2

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Craps is a Marathon, Not a Sprint.

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Being a great shooter at Craps will enable you to win at craps with Longest rolls Hot rolls full of inside hits and box hits no matter what dice set you use. You will not be a dice setter or influencer, but you will be an experienced shooter who will know what went wrong and why it went wrong.

You can start your streaming like a gamer streams by using your brand-new iPhone 12 max pro or any other Samsung or smartphone you have so that we can look at your results together over YouTube private or public streams. I can help you get started with OBS or Streamlabs, Streamyard or any other platform to achieve this so that we can both look at your toss and find out what we can do to fix it.
Winning at craps is an alignment of strategy to your shooting, tossing the dice or whatever else you want to call it.
Whether you are a darkside player or a 3-point molly player, Power press and regression player, Iron Cross bettor, by becoming a better shooter you will capitalise by hitting more of the numbers you want. Even the All Tall Small becomes possible once you learn to be an experienced shooter.

If you chose not to train hard and be motivated to go through this training, you can save your tears for the weekend when you fail at the casino. Craps is nothing like a video game of fortnite. it is truly hard to master even after 6 months of trying.
Any shooter with an aspiration to be experienced needs to spend at least one year developing his craft… Not Minecraft. I would like to thank all my friends at Craps Nation for their support and I hope they start to color up at the Vegas or Atlantic City casinos after this series is over.
I do not want to come across as a Dice King but I have thrown live over 25000 rolls on live stream over the past year with an average SOR of 9.9 and a cumulative profit of 26000% so a person investing $100 on every roll I threw would be up to $26,000 in profit by the end of the year. This does not include performances on Live Fantasy Craps organised by me for Craps Nation or any practice sessions with friends streamed live. My channel is strictly for dice instruction and practice in a transparent honest way. Strategy is something I study but I have never invested time in coming up with a strategy personally… If I can shoot well, I can be profitable at the craps table.
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Live Craps Practice Back to the 775s Part 2