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Hey! Excited to find out how much money you can make writing on Medium in one month? Me too!

This month, I only published 7 monetized stories (2 of which only got published on Feb 28th!) so I’m very intrigued to see how much money came in passively.

Come to find out how much money I made writing on Medium in one month. Bring any questions you have!

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8 thoughts on “LIVE MEDIUM INCOME REVEAL – FEB 2021

  1. I made nearly $30 this month because I finally broke into a couple big publications, but honestly, the feedback and comments mean so much that I'm okay if my growth is slow-moving (: Definitely need to take your advice about consistency.

  2. I keep getting that captcha thing every day for the last 7 days. So annoying. it doesn’t do that on my phone- only on the web.

  3. I was ecstatic that I made $1,700 in February. So far I've been able to double my income each month or more since starting at the end of November in 2020. I have no idea if I'll be able to keep it up, but that is my goal. 😁

  4. I have had a go at medium but what I am finding is that unless you have a huge following, its near on impossible to get published in a publication. And now that I have learnt from you that if you don't get published in your first ten articles or so you never will, it's put me off. I have a few blogs and wonder what is the difference in writing there to Medium if you don't get curated in other publications? You cant share your Social and if you put in a link to your website they dont like that either. Im just wondering how you manage to get curated unless you have an unfair advantage such as going to Oxford or are already a well know writer?

  5. I send a story to Curious and after that, they sent me this message/ understand we publish only the stories that are behind the paywall what that means.

  6. I just started this week. We will see how it goes. Been trying since 2011 to write. I have stuff all over the place =( I don't even know anymore

  7. Does it hurt your chance to be curated if you're not in the Medium Partner Program? Can't join now because of location :'')

  8. I made $356! My earnings have gone up as a new-ish Medium writer. The last day of January, I wrote a viral piece. I was very sick that month and only wrote 5 or 6 stories. That article really worked for me as I rested. Now, I’m mostly better and writing much more.

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