Stick Calls Craps

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Stick Calls Craps is a video where I have a guest dealer with me and we cover the basic stick calls made by the craps stickman as well as some funny stick calls.

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Stick Calls Craps

10 thoughts on “Stick Calls Craps

  1. My favorite line to hear from the stick is "same good shooter coming out".

  2. C and e hi s and low s the less you bet the more you loose when you don’t win.

  3. Loved it, so funny. This was a great video. The stick man at my casino is very boring.

  4. Have you considered doing a collaboration with a dice control/set youtuber to make separate videos where you make a video about betting strategy and then the other youtuber makes a seperate video about what dice control/set technique might best be used for that betting strategy?

    Also another suggestion is to bring in craps dealers to handle the payouts/chips… Your videos might flow better with other people assisting you.

  5. Thanks for all the content that you put out I love the game inside the game staff

  6. My favorite call is "Little Joe" or "Little Joe from Kokomo" for a 3/1 Four. I have no idea why it's called that.

  7. 1-6 / 7 out line away,don’t to pay!one high one low,everything go!
    5-2/five and two,nothing you can do
    6/4 5/5 —ten easy/hard ten,field friend
    1/3 2/2—four easy/hard four,field score

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