Strategy For Don’t Pass Bet

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Looking for a system to pass the time at a crap’s table that is COLD. Here is a great one to use and that works very well. It’s all in knowing how to bet

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Strategy For Don’t Pass Bet

10 thoughts on “Strategy For Don’t Pass Bet

  1. I used a similar strategy and won $175.00 in under 30 minutes and walked away a winner!! Betting the "Dark Side" is the better strategy!! Great video, thank you for the advice and I learned something new!!

  2. Here's the best dont pass strategy by :

    watch everybody shoot at least two times meaning the dice came around to them twice.Take notice to those who made 3 passes or less…those are the people you want to dont pass on you wait until they win twice then bet $10 dp if lose then $20,$40,$80 thats it low risk buy in of just $300 here….the concept of this (strategy) remember noting is guaranteed in that New dont bet on new shooters who come to the table nor do you bet on shooters who hit 4 plus wins on either of there previous rolls…Usually if a shooter random/controlled is going to go on a long winning streak its going to be either on his first or second time getting the dice this is true for all shooters…by seeing what shooters are not even on a roll and totally eliminating the really good can (feel comfortable) in betting dont pass on a shooter example" his first time with the dice he hits 6 points and craps out,his second time on the dice he hits three points then hits his point then he rolls 8 numbers and craps know for a fact this is a total random shooter and the chances he will now after all that get the dice and make 6 passes is (comfortably unlikely) passes = hit a 7 or 11 on come out roll or shooter hits his point and wins…keep in mind dont bet on nobody just coming to the table stick with a table with 4 or more players win between $150 – $200 and call it a night.

  3. I've really enjoyed your videos….Would you mind uploading a video that shows throwing ACES & Double Six?

  4. When I play the Don'ts I like to go very early in the morning on a weekday & u have it all to yourself.

  5. There is NO SYSTEM HERE???? Hes talking about bankroll min in beginning means nothing. Youll loose listening to this guy

  6. The best way to play the don’t pass line.
    1.) $5 dollar table you will need a $300 bank roll
    2.) $34 on the don’t pass line
    3.) roller rolls YOUR hoping for the ROLLER to hit 2,3 are a point. Great shooter hits a number.
    4.) you take $34 and play all the numbers 4,5,6,8,9,10
    5.) what you want now is to have a shooter who just rolls numbers so you are getting paid.
    6.) shooter rolls 7 you loss your $34 on the numbers 4-10 but you get it back on the don’t pass line

  7. I would much rather play max odds before placing a don't come bet. Why would you risk 8 ways to lose on a don't come bet when you could easily add up to 60 dollars in odds behind your 10 dollar flat bet. If your feeling more adventurous, just bump the flat bet so you can get more odds. I also find it a bit baffling how many people will put 25/50 on the don't pass and barely put any odds. My recommendation to any new don't player is to never lay any more on the flat bet than your willing to put odds behind. The more odds the closer to true zero you get.with this approach I've made many incredible wins, however the house edge still exist and you'll still face the losses over the long run.

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