Surviving A Cold Craps Table, Betting the Don’t Come and Lay Bets

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Learn strategies on how you could survive a cold Craps Table. Craps tables often turn cold. So how do you keep from running out of chips or even win money while the table is cold? This video discusses how you might use the Don’t Come and Lay Bets on a cold Craps Table. We also discuss some strategies on how and when to place these Craps bets. Many People Just play the Pass Line in Craps. Others always play the don’ts. We discuss how using a blend of these could help possibly win more at the Craps Table.

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Surviving A Cold Craps Table, Betting the Don’t Come and Lay Bets

10 thoughts on “Surviving A Cold Craps Table, Betting the Don’t Come and Lay Bets

  1. Surviving? Lol. I played the Don’t for an hour and a half last night and won $1,300. I should have pressed more. The table was ICE COLD. in the whole time I was there, probably saw 8 passes in total.

  2. Wow… Good video… Basic thoughts everyone should see… I'm a progressive lay bettor… Think about that.

  3. I used to pull my Don't Pass from the 6 or 8 but I realized pretty quickly that the odds are better than 50% that I'm going to win. To hedge a little bit… I'll bet the hard number and put an equal amount next my Don't Pass (Lay Odds). I've left the last 3 times I've played a heavy winner playing 80% Don't Pass and 20% Pass Line. Last night, 6 shooters in a roll 7'd out. 5 of those 7 points were 6 and 8s.

  4. It’s like roulette. If the ball lands on the four and the next roll it lands on the three, I know either a one or twelve is coming next. Four minus three equals one. Four times three equals twelve. Easy peasy. Unless it’s Wednesday. Then I have to use the three previous rolls to properly factor in the outcome. Unless it’s above seventy two degrees. Then I have to start using algebra, which I suck at.

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  6. If you are sitting there trying to guess if the shooter is lucky or unlucky based on appearance of how the dice are thrown, you’ve already lost

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