The Hawaiian Horn Craps Betting Strategy (Gimme Fifty $50)

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Want to make $50 on any roll and any number other then the dreaded Big Red on the Craps Table? Well here is the Craps Strategy that you are looking for! Also there is an added bonus kicker to this Strategy so make sure you watch to find out.

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The Hawaiian Horn Craps Betting Strategy (Gimme Fifty $50)

10 thoughts on “The Hawaiian Horn Craps Betting Strategy (Gimme Fifty $50)

  1. You mention chopping the initial bet in half. How much would you play on each box number and the horn? I never play the horn so can you play any amount on it?

  2. 83+% chance to win $50
    16+% chance to lose $310

    And house advantage is very high.

    Might get lucky in the short run, but will ruin you in the long run.

  3. Craps is one of the few games in a casino where the House has just a slight advantage and it's IMPERATIVE to use the rules to your advantage as a player to get the best chances of winning. I like the Horn strategy but once again, if your goal is to make the most money, rather than Place playing all the numbers across, 4,5,6,8,9,10 when the point is established, put the minimum down on the Pass line and back it up with odds! Your payout is greater because the casinos allow 10x, and greater odds at some places, behind the line!! making the most money possible is the object and you are increasing your odds against the house by changing that Place bet to a Pass line bet and backing it up with odds. I think this is important to tell all your watchers.

  4. Nice shirts, caps…you guys got a website and sell your products…email if you are … for a great craps videos…very helpfull.

  5. Cool strategy. When you regress to the 44$ inside you should throw 4$ change on the horn. Might get lucky on 3 shooter would of hit the aces then the ace Duce just a thought. Thanks money shot for sharing.

  6. If I tried this it would be point seven three shooters in a row. The fourth holds dice for two hours. ;+)

  7. It’s a one roll bet. Sometimes it’s lucky, sometimes it’s not. 😌💰. You explain this really well.

  8. Does any of these systems ever work? What is wrong with winning the two rolls after waiting one roll to avoid the point seven out. Then start over with the next point or after the seven out.

  9. Thank you sir , thank you for soo many great lessons, Lord bless you and your loved ones. I was wondering where you get your table felts at? With the small , tall & all , and the hop bets ? Is there any place that sells the fire bet too ? I can't find any of them for sell. Take care, my highest regards.

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